Watch: Deer Smashes Through Window, Gets in Pre-Christmas Workout at Gold’s Gym

Deer breaks into Golds Gym in Anderson, South Carolina for quick workout

The holiday season can be a tough time to fit in those much-needed hours at the gym. But during this time of year (when you’re most likely to overindulge on calorie-loaded sweets and booze) it’s critical to make time for your fitness routine, even if you have a weird work schedule.

And even if you’re a deer.

To make sure he was in peak condition before getting hitched up to Santa’s sleigh this Christmas Eve—metaphorically, at least—one intrepid Blitzen took on our 5-day holiday workout plan. The jacked deer—not a reindeer, probably, but hey, it’s the holidays—crashed a Gold’s Gym in Anderson, South Carolina, to squeeze in a few big lifts (uh, leaps?) and bodyweight circuits.

“He thought this was our obstacle course,” the gym wrote in a Facebook post.

Now that’s what we call dedication.

Check out the epic video below: