Watch This Dude Squat 315lbs on a 2-Wheeled Scooter

Watch This Dude Squat 315lbs on a 2-Wheeled Scooter

At best, Segways are just a fancy way to avoid walking. If you’ve ever seen Segways in action, chances are they were piloted by tourists wearing ridiculous helmets.

But then there’s YouTube gym rat Bradley Martyn, who steps onto a PhunkeeDuck—a Segway-like scooter without handlebars—and decides to back squat four full reps of 315 lbs. [Video contains some f-bombs.]

Despite his ability to nail each rep, we do not suggest doing this at home. Whether it’s a Segway or a PhunkeeDuck, 2-wheeled scooters are unstable as is, let alone with 315 pounds on your shoulders. And plus, at the price of $1,500, these things are probably too expensive to bother even trying to squat on.

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Think with your heads, not your muscles, gentlemen.

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