Watch the Final ‘Defenders’ Trailer Just Days Before the Show’s Release

The Defenders

Just days before its Friday, August 18th release, Marvel has unveiled the final look at its upcoming Netflix series The Defenders.

Until this point, prospective viewers have gotten all they can handle in pre-release teasers.

The previews included a sword-wielding Jessica Jones, a free/jacked/bullet-absorbing Luke Cage, and “the kid with the glowing fist.” In fact, Cage himself (aka Mike Colter) dished about his training regimen with Men’s Fitness.

This final trailer features glimpes of the four Marvel heroes chemistry as a unit. While Cage may not “be looking for Super Friends,” it’s hard to doubt the chemistry coming from the epic foursome.

The group also gets introduced to “the guy who’s going to help save this city”—and we’ll assume he doesn’t just mean fixing New York’s woebegone 6 train.

The war for the city begins August 18th. Get an idea what you’re in for with the final trailer: