Watch: Food-demolishing Superhero L.A. Beast Downs 6-pack in 40 Seconds

L.A. Beast

L.A. Beast has made a YouTube career out of attempting stunts nobody would ever fathom possible, let alone try themselves. A quick glance at the man’s YouTube channel features consumption of products found only in the darkest depths of eBay.

The checkered history of The Beast includes drinking a 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi, a gallon of Tabasco sauce, and 100 raw eggs. He’s become something of a veteran after producing more than four years of daringly disgusting (and digestive-system-destroying) content.

But perhaps none of L.A. Beast’s previous drinking accomplishments have quite the same brazenness he exemplifies in his latest video. Watch below as he takes a six-pack of Miller High Life to the face in under 40 seconds, using a homemade funnel contraption and a leaf blower:

Damn. We’re not sure if that’s impressive, or if it qualifies as waterboarding. But we do know this much: Expect to see plenty of frat-party innovators testing out the Beast’s method this fall. Will they succeed? Probably not, but that’s their problem.