Watch: Former Redskins Players Talk Taking Hennessy Shots Before Games to Honor Sean Taylor

Clinton Portis honors Sean Taylor
L: Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post/Getty Images, R: Preston Keres/The Washington Post/Getty Images

More than a decade later, former NFL stars Clinton Portis and Santana Moss still miss their teammate Sean Taylor.

The two former Washington Redskins players sat down for an interview with NBC Washington, reflecting back on the murder of Taylor in 2007.

Both Moss and Portis played at the University of Miami with Taylor, and then later in Washington. The three had a pregame ritual during which they would take Hennessy shots before games as a way to bond and get amped up before taking the field.

“We would take a little shot of Hennessy—me, Santana, and Sean. We did this for a year and a half before anyone knew,” Portis said in the interview. “It wasn’t like two, three, four shots, it was just one, and it was like, ‘Here we go, shot, now let’s go ball.’ From that point we did it every game.”

Moss and Portis continued the tradition after Taylor’s tragic murder, but new head coach Jim Zorn, who came to the team in 2008, was not a fan of the ritual.

“We didn’t want to be about us, we went out and played,” Moss said. “Zorn lost the locker room a bit after that. He spoke on [Taylor’s] name wrong.”

Take a look at the clip:


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