Watch This Guy Perform Handstand Pushups in a Wheelchair

Zuck Ruhl Handstand Pushups in a Wheelchair
@pitbullruhl / Instagram

Zack Ruhl isn’t your average guy. At the age of two he had to have his legs amputated, the consequence of a congenital problem.

But that’s not what defines him. What does define him, however, is the fact that no matter what obstacle stands in his way, he finds a way to overcome it.

His Instagram is full of videos of him performing impressive feats. But one of the most awe-inspiring is one where he’s seen performing handstand pushups… in a wheelchair.



Ruhl captions the video above: “I feel like half the cripples these days look at a difficult situation with their minds already made up that they CANT do whatever challenges them. You’ll never know what you’re capable of without failing some stuff!! Failing=winning.”

He goes on to perform not 10, not 15, but 21 handstand pushups on a set of dumbbells for three rounds. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is.

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