Watch This Guy Set the World Record for Knuckle Pushups

Knuckle Pushups Record / YouTube @ManvelMamoyan

This guy may need some ice for his hands.

Even though knuckle pushups are great for your forearms, wrists, and for improving shoulder stability, they can be a bit painful—which makes it even more impressive that Manvel Mamoyan of Armenia set a new world record for the most knuckle pushups done in one minute:

Mamoyan banged out a whopping 86 reps on Thursday to take down the previous mark, setting the record on his second try. He’d previously fallen short on his first attempt, hammering out 83 reps but missing the previous mark of 84, set by Canada’s Roy Berger in June of 2016.

This isn’t Mamoyan’s first record, either—he previously broke the world record for handstand pushups in October 2015 by doing 27 reps in one minute:

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