Watch: Here’s the First Promo Trailer for ‘Phelps Vs. Shark: the Battle for Ocean Supremacy’

Phelps Goat

On July 23, Michael Phelps is scheduled to hit the ocean to race against one of its biggest predators: a great white shark. The showdown on Discovery Channel sets out to reveal who is the true king of the water.

It’s being billed as “Great Gold vs. Great White.” It also may be the only heavyweight showdown to rival Mayweather-McGregor.

The promo trailer—just unveiled by Discovery Channel—pumps up the “shark vs. G.O.A.T.” battle, and features some pretty sick action shots from both Phelps and his gilled opponent.

Before watching the two face off in “the battle for ocean supremacy,” whet your appetite with this intense 30-second trailer.