Watch: How to Take Care of Your Dogs This Holiday, According to Real Dogs (and a Veterinarian)

Watch: Men's Fitness Editor Erin Alexander Talks Pet Fitness with Dr. Albert Ahn

Few people will ever have as many Instagram followers as Louboutina and King Bentley.

They’re not famous actors or supermodels (though they are indeed celebrities), but rather a golden retriever who loves to give hugs and an English bulldog with a bigger personality than most humans.

We unleashed these two Insta-famous pups, along with veterinarian Albert Ahn, D.V.M., into our studio to talk pet finess, nutrition, and why gifting a dog as a holiday present probably isn’t a great idea.

Check out the video below to learn more about keeping your best four-legged friend healthy and happy (especially during the holidays).

Watch: Men's Fitness editor Erin Alexander talks pet fitness with veterinarian Albert Ahn, D.V.M., and two dogs with more Instagram followers than you: Louboutina and King Bentley The Bulldog.

Posted by Men's Fitness on Thursday, November 9, 2017