Watch This Idiot Almost Knock Out His Gym Partner’s Teeth With a Barbell

How not to spot a push press.


Here’s the first dead giveaway that this is gonna be an epic gym fail: The spotter is wearing lifting gloves. Who the hell wears lifting gloves if you’re doing basic barbell work? Chalk up and man up!

But when that barbell connects with his throat? Lights out. Lights out. If that bar had any less clearance from the plates around it, this guy would have 10 cubic inches of stale gym air for a neck.

To quote one of the comments under this video: “These guys have got to be the biggest dumbasses probably ever to step foot in a damn gym.” You said it, brother.

Seriously, though: If you have any experience with powerlifting or Olympic lifting, you know that a lift like this shouldn’t even require a spotter. If you’re not sure you can handle the push press weight, then first of all, use bumper plates (Rogue makes them) that you can safely drop. That way, if you can’t finish the rep, simply push the bar away from your face and let it fall to the ground. (It actually doesn’t hurt to “practice failing” in the gym, just so you have it in your muscle memory.) As long as the barbell is loaded with bumper plates, you won’t hurt the bar, you won’t hurt the floor, and you won’t hurt yourself.

And, more importantly, you won’t look like an idiot on YouTube. Do yourself a favor and do this instead. SMDH.

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