Watch: Jason Momoa Shows Off His Muscular Back During a Climbing Workout. Here’s How to Bulk up Yours.

Jason Momoa, Aquaman
Europa Press/Europa Press via Getty Images

Jason Momoa’s muscles can’t be stopped.

The Aquaman star and all-around awesome grizzly man (he chugs beer and throws axes like it’s his job) has been working out in the gym with intensity to get into shape to play the King of Atlantis, doing rope workouts, renegade rows, cable pulldowns, and dumbbell raises—and now he’s adding more moves to his repertoire.

Momoa showed off another look at his sculpted physique, posting some photos and a video to Instagram of one of his favorite workouts: climbing.

Momoa’s arms look massive in these photos and both his chest and back are sculpted from his Aquaman training:


The video shows Momoa getting a climb in and doing his best to stay with it until he gets close to the top:



Earlier in March 2017, Momoa shared another look at his  workouts, this time showing off his shredded back and shoulders as he does a climbing wall workout and some pullups in the gym.

Momoa’s muscles pop with definition as he makes the climb—make sure to watch to the end to get a great Momoa flex shot:


The former Game of Thrones star has been working non-stop over the past few years, and coming up he has a slew of fun releases.

Momoa will star in the completely wild-looking The Bad Batch—a futuristic, dystopian love story that takes place in a Texas wasteland, and he’ll get to show off his comedic chops alongside Bruce Willis as a drug-dealing gangster in the action-comedy Once Upon a Time in Venice.

Then, of course, he’ll star as Aquaman in the highly anticipated Justice League before going on his own solo outing in 2018.

Be prepared to see a lot more of Momoa—and his muscles.

Want to get your back, shoulders, and upper body as ripped as Momoa? Check out these tips, programs, and workouts from Men’s Fitness and get your body shredded:


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