Watch: John Cena and Shaq Sing, Shoot Free Throws, and Give Each Other Hysterically Bad Nicknames on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

John Cena & Shaquille O'Neal

What happens when you put John Cena, WWE’s biggest superstar, and Shaq, one of the NBA’s greatest athletes of all time, in the same car?

Aside from an invasion of personal space, you get the funniest mashup of celebrities this side of Carpool Karaoke.

The popular Late Late Show sketch-turned-show had the goliaths singing, giving each other horrendously funny nicknames, and shooting free throws. The full episode airs on Apple Music tonight. Thankfully, there are a few clips to tide you over.

In the clip above, Cena and Shaq exchange their best groan-worthy nicknames for each other, including “The Empire Strikes Shaq” and “Cena Turner”.

To see who comes out on top, and to watch the full episode, check out Apple Music later today.

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