Watch: Keanu Reeves Brings His Family Back From the Dead in New ‘Replicas’ Trailer

 Courtesy Freestyle Digital Media on Youtube

If you lost someone you loved, would you be willing to break the rules to bring them back?

That’s the question posed in Replicas, a new sci-fi thriller starring Keanu Reeves.

In the movie, Reeves plays a brilliant neuroscientist named William Foster, who secretly creates clones of his family following their deaths in a car crash. Of course, once the truth comes out, things quickly spiral out of control. The film also stars Silicon Valley leading man Thomas Middleditch as Foster’s assistant.

The film is being directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, best known for writing the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. Reeves himself is no stranger to science-fiction, having starred in the now-iconic Matrix trilogy.

Replicas will release nationwide sometime in 2018.