Watch This Legendary Jamaican Trainer Kid Race Usain Bolt on “Ellen”

Usain Bolt and DemarJay on "The Ellen Show"



Usain Bolt may have just lost his title as the fastest man on Earth.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


A few weeks ago, we posted a story about an awesome Jamaican kid we heralded as “the next star personal trainer.” The tough young guy earned his share of Internet stardom with an inspiring workout video that quickly went viral, in which he exhorts his friends—in between pushups—that “if you want muscle, you have to work.”

Now, thanks to a little Internet/Hollywood magic, 8-year-old fitness prodigy DemarJay is back on our Facebook feeds. And this time, he’s got some competition: Usain Bolt.

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In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, aspiring personal trainer/basketball player/track athlete told DeGeneres that he “wants to challenge Usain Bolt in a race”—and that he could beat him “100 percent.”

So DeGeneres made that dream happen, bringing the Jamaican track superstar on the show and hosting a race between DemarJay and the champ. (“C’mon, Usain, don’t be scared of me,” DemarJay says as he walks to the start.)

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We won’t give away the ending, but it’s worth mentioning that DemarJay shows off some terrific running form.



The Face-off of the Century happens today on @TheEllenshow.. You’ll been seeing this young Jamaican trainer DemarJay.. “Him say me no do weakness” #BoltvsDemarJay

Posted by Usain Bolt on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


In the interview, the eloquent 8-year-old explained his motivation for getting in shape.

“I go around the neighborhood, and I see other kids getting bullied,” DemarJay told DeGeneres. “That’s why I started exercising—so I don’t get bullied. I had a cousin who got bullied about his size and his weight, so I had to do something, because—as you see on the TV—I’ve gotta be fit and strong.”

He also told the comedian that his training instincts are just “who I am,” and that he makes sure to coach up his friends. “I like to give them information about how it helps your body, how you stay fit, healthy, and strong.”

His daily routine: 60 pushups in the morning, and then he “eases up” with 30 pushups in the afternoon.

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