Watch: New Footage of ‘Destiny 2′ Shows the Guardians’ Struggle Against a New Threat

Destiny 2

The Guardians have returned—and if we’re being honest, they’ve probably seen better days.

With Destiny 2, developer Bungie has made a concentrated effort to improve one of the most criticized parts of the original, widely successful game: the bare-bones story. In contrast to the original’s minimal storytelling, Destiny 2 begins with the destruction of The Last City, the main hub from the first game. The arrival of a new threat, Gaul, results in the loss of not only humanity’s last safe haven, but also the powers they gained from The Traveler, a mysterious intergalactic emissary. According to Bungie, Destiny 2 is a story about redemption and survival, and its hope is that players can be immersed and invested in the universe.

Of course, there’s more to Destiny 2 than the story. The game also includes tons of new weapons, armor, and special abilities for each class. Additionally, players will explore brand new worlds that were created from the ground up for the sequel.

Bungie has clearly expanded the game’s social features as well. If you were frustrated that you could never get a group together for a raid in the first Destiny, fret not: The new “Guided Games” feature in Destiny 2 can pair you with a clan of players willing to help you out.

Check out the brand new gameplay trailer below:

Destiny 2 releases Sept. 8, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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