Watch the New “Rock” Pokémon Layeth the Smacketh Down on Pokémon Go Players

The Rock Pokemon Go PokeRock / YouTube @TheRock

What happens when you combine Pokémon Go and Dwayne Johnson? You get a profanity-spewing, muscled-up, badass new character named PokéRock. And he is ready to layeth the smacketh down on candy-assed Pokémon masters.

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Seven Bucks Digital Studios, which is produced by Johnson and Dany Garcia, teamed up with YouTube stars MatPat—creator of YouTube series The Game Theorists—and Ali A to produce a video inspired by Pokémon Go.

In the video, MatPat searches for a new, ultra-rare Pokémon that he’s never seen before, and—surprise—it’s The Rock. Unlike most Pokémon, though, PokéRock has a bit of an attitude and talks back as MatPat tries in vain to catch him. No matter how many Pokéballs he the YouTuber tosses, The Rock refuses to submit. (“I could do this all day, you Weedle-catching bitch!” he snarls.)

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Midway through the video, PokéRock belts out the classic WWE line from The Rock, but with a Pokémon twist: “Do you smell what the Rock is catching?” Then, because we’ve reached peak celebrity mashup, the video jumps into the anime style of the Pokémon animated series and shows PokéRock battling, kicking ass, and taking names—all set to a new theme song—as he schools an unfortunate Mankey:


We at Men’s Fitness have already told you about the fitness benefits of playing Pokémon Go, and now you can have fun following the adventures of PokéRock. Just make sure you are ready for his crapsack attitude.