WATCH: Our July/August Cover Guy Mark Wahlberg’s Ted 2 Trailer


If you saw Ted when it came out in 2012, chances are you’re pretty excited about the upcoming sequel. Hitting theaters tomorrow, the movie features our July/August cover guy, Mark Wahlberg, as a Bostonian everyman with one special feature—a teddy-bear best friend. 

The franchise may not exactly enrich your cultural fluency, but if you’re going to indulge in some crude humor, Seth MacFarlane is the go-to guy. The Family Guy creator (and Dexter’s Lab vet) wrote and directed both films, as well as voicing the eponymous Ted. The original film has become a staple for lovers of loudmouthed humor performed in thick New England accents.

And if poop jokes just aren’t your thing, you can at the very least get some fitness inspiration from Mark Wahlberg.

Watch the inside-look below and pick up the July/August issue of Men’s Fitness for more on what Wahlberg has been up to. Download the app here >>>

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