Watch Skating Legend Tony Hawk Pull Off a Mind-bending Trick in Slow Motion

Tony Hawk joins Dan and Gav to film a rare skate trick
The Slow Mo Guys | YouTube

Tony Hawk will forever be the G.O.A.T. of skateboarding. There have been other legends in the sport, but few has come close to reaching Hawk’s pinnacle of fame—and none have had as much of a cultural impact as “The Birdman.”

Though we don’t see as much of the 49-year-old Hawk as we used to, every once in a while the legendary skateboarder pops back onto the radar. In the most recent episode of The Super Slow Show, a new YouTube series that features celebrities doing cool things in slow motion, Hawk stepped in front of the high-tech, high-speed 4K cameras, attempting to give the world a slow-motion glimpse at a “heelflip sex-change melon grab.” (We didn’t come up with the name, and for the record: GLAAD specifically recommends avoiding the term “sex change,” and favors the term “transition”.)

This move is almost as crazy as its name, and one Hawk admits he’s only attempted a handful of times throughout his 37-year career.

Be warned: The ensuing footage will absolutely blow your mind, so make sure you press replay a few times.

Sure, watching the godfather of skateboarding throw down this move is pretty awesome. But watching him do it at 1,000 frames per second is so, so, so much cooler.

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