Watch This Teenager Smash the World Record for Clapping Pullups

World Record Clap Pullups / YouTube TheUrbanNinja

Regular pullups are so out of style.

Watch This Teen Set the World Record for Pullups >>>

Missouri State University sophomore Blake Augustine set a new world record for clap pullups by doing 30 in one minute in December of 2015. Augustine, who was 19 at the time of the record-setting feat, earned an official certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records last week.

Augustine’s 30 tops the former record of 25, which was set by Ron Cooper, a financial planner from Massachusetts who also competed on American Ninja Warrior. Cooper first broke the record of 19 by doing 21 clap pullups, and then beat his own record by doing 25.

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A clap pullup is no easy feat—and it’s performed the exact way it sounds: You do a regular pullup, but just as you get to the top of the bar, you let go, clap your hands, grab the bar again, lower yourself down, and then do another pullup.

But before you workout warriors try this on your own, just know that a clap pullup takes a solid amount of upper body strength. And before you attempt one, you should probably make peace with the possible consequences of your hands slipping off the bar, clocking your chin/face/cranium, and/or generally making yourself look like an idiot.

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Augustine told the Joplin Globe that he hopes to one day compete on the reality show American Ninja Warrior. A fellow pullup world record-holder has a similar dream: Virginia high school student Andrew Shapiro recently set multiple records by doing over 7,000 pullups in a 24-hour period, and—guess what—he wants to compete on the show too.

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