Watch The Mountain Deadlift 881 Pounds Like He’s Lifting His Groceries

As if you needed more proof that Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson, best known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones and six-time Iceland’s Strongest Man, is just a ludicrously strong dude, his latest Instagram video will help make up your mind.

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What you’re going to see is a 28-year-old (yeah, no shit) Icelandic basketball player-turned-strongman-turned actor execute a 881-pound deadlift for two easy-looking reps. For context, the current record for the deadlift is like 300 pounds more than that — but lifted once, and it almost killed the dude who did it. You’re also going to hear the screams and bellows of what can only be called the loving support of giant Scandinavian vikings as Björnsson calmly finishes his second rep.

The clip is just the latest in what you might call a running diary of Björnsson’s road to the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition, a title he’s never won but for which he has been in the top three for the last five years straight. He’s also incurred a bout with Bell’s Palsy, which can cause partial paralysis of the face — which is why Björnsson looks like he’s chewing a huge wad of tobacco in the video. With a month until the World’s grand final, you’re going to see a lot of inhuman lifts rolling out of The Mountain’s Instagram. And we’re all about it.

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