Attention-seeking Guy From New Jersey Paddleboards to Meeting in a Suit

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The morning commute can be a great time to get in a workout. Biking, walking, or running are all potential options to work up a sweat before you start your day. But how about paddleboarding?

Comedian Scott Holt gave that a try for a recent commute, heading into New York City by crossing the Hudson River from Jersey City. Holt, who was dressed in a suit and had a bag over his shoulder, made the trip in a half hour.

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“There were wakes hitting me from all different directions and that got a little hard to get surprised by a wave,” Holt said in an interview with ABC7 Eyewitness News. “I for sure almost went in a couple times.”

Once Holt got to the shore, he was met by a police officer and a New York Water Taxi captain. While the cop could have put Holt in handcuffs, he let the comedian go with a warning when Holt explained that he was running late for a meeting.

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“They said they could have arrested me but the cop was gracious enough to just tell me to (move) on,” he told BroBible. “They were surprised by my dress shoes and were nice enough to ask what time my meeting was. Don’t worry. I made it on time.” (It’s worth noting that Holt’s Instagram uses the same language to describe his punctuality, and also promises that “a full video” documenting the stunt will be posted on his YouTube channel “soon.”)

While Holt’s paddleboarding commute might have been an extreme idea, the activity is one of the best workouts you can do for burning fat and building muscle in your upper body. Want to add paddleboarding to your routine? Here is everything you need to know from to get started:

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