Watch: Yes, Liam Neeson Jumps Off a Train in the New Trailer for ‘The Commuter’

The Commuter
Jay Maidment/Lionsgate

If you saw the first trailer for Liam Neeson’s The Commuter and thought it looked bonkers, just wait until you see the international trailer.

The Commuter finds Neeson playing family man Michael Woolrich. When Woolrich is unwillingly thrust into a conspiracy by a enigmatic stranger (Vera Farmiga), he suddenly needs to find the identity of a mysterious passenger on his commuter train or risk dire consequences. It’s kind of like Murder on the Orient Express, but with far more explosions and violence.

While this trailer has some of the same beats as the first—and this is a Neeson action movie, so we all know what we’re getting—we also get to see more of the other commuters on the train, including a menacing-as-always Jonathan Banks. Also: Make sure you watch to the very end for an amazing action shot.

If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like Non-Stop but in a different form of transportation, that’s not a coincidence: The Commuter is also directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, and is his fourth collaboration with Neeson. We know what we’re getting, and we’re totally stoked for it.

The Commuter will be in theaters nationwide on January 12.

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