We Asked 20 Women: Should Men Shave Their Legs?

Man with shaved legs

Pro swimmers shave their legs—whether they’re male or female. But if you’re a dude and not an elite athlete should you do the same? It’s up to you, really. But in case you were curious, we asked 20 women, “Should men shave their legs?” Here’s what they said.

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“I think it’s weird when guys have no leg hair; but if trimming it makes them feel better, I don’t have a problem with it.” – Nicole R.

“Never shave your leg hair. That’s just strange. I wouldn’t mind if guys trimmed it down, but unless you’re an Olympic swimmer, keep the leg hair in tact.” – Danielle M.

“Too weird—unless they have no hair on their entire body, like none… or you’re a professional bodybuilder.” – Arianna M.

“Please just keep your leg hair. One person (me) dealing with stubbly legs is enough. Two people snuggling with stubby legs is actually like rubbing cacti together.” – Miranda G.

“So random. If you aren’t a model and aren’t a professional swimmer, then why are you getting rid of your hair? As a social worker, I should be saying to each their own. But as a woman who loves a manly man, I say keep it.” – Carla S.

“I guess girls can’t judge guys for manscaping when we’re over here painting on fake eyebrows and shaving ourselves, but this still seems odd.” Samara B.

“Nope, really not into that.” – Tina N.

“Hard pass. Leg hair is a sign of masculinity to me. Bare legs feel too feminine.” – Lauren B.

“Please leave your leg hair. I mean, if you can braid it, trim it. But for the most part I love a no-fuss guy.” – Anne S.

“It’s unnatural. I hate that.” – Sam K.

“It’s hypocritical for me to say ‘it’s natural, keep it’ when it’s natural for women to have hair and we shave or wax it all off. But, yeah, please keep your leg hair.” – Taylor L.

“Don’t touch your leg hair—ever!” – Sarah G.

“Such a turn off. Shaving your legs makes you less of a man, in my opinion.” – Carissa M.

“That’s weird—unless you’re doing it for a purpose and the hair is bothering you.” – Melanie L.

“I don’t mind if a guy trims his leg hair if it’s at the point he can braid it. Besides, they’re his legs, so have at it. If a man told me what to do with my body hair, I’d say go shove it.” – Erica M.

“I say please keep your leg hair. Chest and back are totally fair game, but leave your arms and legs alone.” – Alex D.

“While it’s not typical or what we think of as normal, if there’s a reason a guy wants to get rid of his leg hair, then I have no problem with that.” – Raquel L.

“Eh, I’d probably feel like I was rolling around with a woman in bed. Then I’d just be irritated when the stubble started growing in.” – Victoria G.

“I don’t really think anyone would notice if a guy shaved his legs unless he was wearing shorts. It’s not like I’m ever stroking a guy’s calves…” – Tiffany W.

“Unless you’re Michael Phelps, leave the shaving alone. Also, do men know how annoying that upkeep is??” – Sasha L.

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