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If you’re looking to shape up and get your weight down, you might need to have a little more fun, suggests a recent study published in the journal Marketing Letters. Not surprisingly, researchers found that if you view your workout as fun rather than work, you’re more likely to stick to it – and see results. Fun workouts are having their fitness moment and games like Playout are at the center of it all. Don’t think a simple card game can get you a six-pack or whip you into competing shape? Think again. We sat down with Playout The Game founder Ed Kovel and VP of Sales Caesar Anyogu to get the low-down on why you might want to get your hands on a deck ASAP. A fun fact: Kovel has finished in the top five in almost every obstacle race he’s run—and he trains exclusively with Playout. A one-time fee of $14.99 is a lot cheaper than a gym membership…just saying. Here’s what you need to know about the game.

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1) All you need is your body

Absolutely no equipment is required (besides the deck, of course). The game uses bodyweight exercises and high-intensity movements. Each deck contains 30 bodyweight exercises10 upper body, 10 core, and 10 lower body. The deck also includes 8 minigames, which are small competitions to test strength and endurance.

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2) It all started with a trip to India

The game’s founder, Ed Kovel, created Playout on a study abroad trip to India, where he didn’t have access to any workout facilities or equipment. Between meeting a Kung Fu master and two yoga masters, he learned how to strengthen his core and his body gym-free, anywhere, anytime.

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3) It’s hard enough for elite obstacle racers and simple enough for children’s PE classes

The two major markets for Playout seem like complete opposites, but they both represent the core philosophy of the company. “This all started with this idea of play, and that’s what ties those two markets together,” says Kovel. “Obstacle racing is turning fitness into fun. On one hand you have a fitness competition where you’re running and climbing through mud and doing all of these things that make you feel like a kid again and on a kid’s side, if you’re going to teach kids about exercise, specifically bodyweight exercise, you have to do it in a fun way or else they’re not going to be engaged.”

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4) You will see results if you only Playout

Kovel strictly trains with Playout and frequent runs. “I go to a track, I run a quarter mile, do three upper body on medium, quarter mile, three core on medium, quarter mile, three lower on medium, and finish with a quarter mile,” he explains. “One mile, nine exercises takes about ten to fifteen minutes. You feel more tired than you did in three hours at the gym because its just that intense.”

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5) They’re putting research where their mouth is

Not all game makers put time and money into performing research to back up their claims, but Playout wants to prove what they have works. “We want to see if we can measure the perceived value of exercise to kids before and after they do Playout, and provide real evidence that kids are more engaged in exercise when they’re playing out versus participating in a typical gym class,” says Kovel.

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