Is Weed Ruining Your Life?


I dunno, man. I just read on the Internet that weed poses a greater risk to mid-life success than alcohol.

These scientists, they followed 947 New Zealanders from when they were 0 in 1972–73 till they were 38 and kept track of how much weed they smoked, how much booze they drank, and how f**ked up their lives were compared with their folks at 38.

They found out that pot and booze both cause downward mobility, antisocial behavior, and relationship agita. Word.

But they also say that “regular” weed smokers, the ones who light up four–plus times a week (I’d think more like four-plus times a day, but hey, I’m no scientist. At least, I don’t think I am…), had even worse cash problems and job prospects than alkies.

Well, I think it’s all bullshit, man. Because I’ve been sitting here in my underwear in front of my computer all day and all night for 15 years now, stoned to the bejesus, and I swear, it has not affected me at all. 

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