Week in Review 5/8: What You Might Have Missed

Guy with six-pack abs

You may not be able to spend all day scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you are, you probably should be doing some work. But either way, you shouldn’t have to miss out. So we’re going to make your life a little easier. Each week, we’ll pull together some of the best, most-engaging, can’t-miss content from MensFitness.com—everything from training to nutrition to style—and give you a chance to play catch-up.  


The No Sit-Up Workout>>>

Save your neck, back, and spine. Let go of the sit-ups and try these alternatives to build a stronger and ripped core. 

6 Workouts That Melt Fat in Less Than 20 Minutes>>>

Getting in an effective full-body workout won’t take you all day. Use these routines to blast your entire body even when you’re short on time. 

The Best Full-Body Barbell Workout>>>

Did we mention that we love full-body workouts around here? This barbell-only routine incorporates some new and ultra-effective exercises that activate your muscles and core like never before. 


9 Habits That Make You Look Older Than You Are>>>

Eating processed food, washing your hair every single day, not getting enough water? Kicking some of these common bad habits might be the fountain of youth you’ve been looking for. 

Top 10 Running Essentials for Spring/Summer 2014>>>

From head to toe, this guide gives you everything you need to hit the ground running – literally. 

Health Advice From The World’s Oldest Man>>>

At 111 years old, Alexander Imich is the world’s oldest man. What’s his secret to longevity? It includes chocolate and ice cream.