Week in Review: What You Might Have Missed

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You may not be able to spend all day scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you are, you probably should be doing some work. But either way, you shouldn’t have to miss out. So we’re going to make your life a little easier. Each week, we’ll pull together some of the best, most-engaging, can’t-miss content from MensFitness.com—everything from training to nutrition to styleand give you a chance to play catch-up. 


Super Pump Shoulder and Arm Workout>>>

The concept of long, tireless hours in the gym are long gone and replaced by high-intensity work packed in shorter circuits. This 20-minute shoulder and arms routine, which earned more than 2,500 “Likes” on our Facebook page, is just that. 

Bulk Up Without Getting a Belly>>>

Adding mass doesn’t mean packing on a man-pouch as well. Focus on these eight foods to stay lean while adding muscle. 

Rookie Mistakes: The Pull-Up>>>

Pull-ups are one of the most essential staples of any workout regimen. Make sure you’re doing them right. 

Eight-Round Fat Loss Circuit>>>

If you want a workout that crushes fat, builds muscle, and burns like hell, this is it. Enjoy.

Three Reasons Men Should Try Yoga>>>

Many of the world’s best athletes are practicing yoga. Here are some reasons that you should start your sun salutations, too. 



Vegetarians Not Always Healthier Than Meat Lovers?>>>

Meat eaters or vegetarians: Who’s healthier? One study looks to find the answer and it may surprise you.

Eating Bacon Lowers Your Sperm Count>>>

Seriously, could anything really stop you from eating bacon?



7 Traits That Will Turn Her Off>>>

Want to know why she’s not calling you back? Maybe you’re sending out the wrong warning signals. 

5 Bedroom Myths She Believes>>>

We’re giving you the facts. It’s your job to prove the truth. 

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