Week in Review: What You Might Have Missed

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You may not be able to spend all day scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you are, you probably should be doing some work. But either way, you shouldn’t have to miss out. So we’re going to make your life a little easier. Each week, we’ll pull together some of the best, most-engaging, can’t-miss content from MensFitness.com—everything from training to nutrition to styleand give you a chance to play catch-up. 


The Top 15 Pushup Variations>>>

It’s time you graduated beyond the standard pushup. Challenge your body from every angle and shock your mucles with moves you’ve never tried before. We know you’ll like this one. It scored more than 1,600 shares on our Facebook page

The Best Dumbbell-Only Shoulder Workout>>>

Your average trainer can only think of two ways to train your shoulderspresses and raises. We’ve added a third element into the mix. Here’s your road to better, broader shoulders.

The Full-Gym Back Workout>>>

Stopped seeing progress? Make full use of the gym with this back circuit that’s guaranteed to build a strong, thick back. 


The Truth About Fish Oil>>>

Our expert explains all you need to know about a supplement that has become a stable in living a healthy lifestyle. 

Two Truths and a Lie: Home Remedies>>>

Do you really need to down eight glasses of water a day? Does aloe vera really work on sunburns? Separate the myths from the facts. 

9 Amazing Things You Can Do With Aspirin>>>

Hide a hickey? Remove a stain in your shirt? Control dandruff? There are so many ways that aspirin can save you a headache. 

10 Ways to Fight Fat for Good>>>

It’s not just the time that you spend in the gym that decides the contours of your physique. Pay attention to the details and score the body you’ve been working for.

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