A Weekend Shred-athon: an Experimental Summer Shred Workout


This is not a part of The 21-Day Shred or the SHRED SERIES, but it will be soon enough. Anyone that follows The 21-Day Shred and the SHRED SERIES knows that you’ll see great results in 21 days, but that THE SHRED is always on-going. We jump from program to program based on goals or to keep things interesting. Devoted SHREDDERS also know that while the SHRED will make you look and feel great—it also serves a functional purpose. This particular workout was inspired by a combination of things—incredibly perfect weather to work out outside, the idea of a traditional triathlon, weight-lifting+body-weight work… and hurricane season.

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On outdoor workouts:
Hanging in a gym and on cardio machines indoors when it’s perfect outside is silly. Minimize that time.

On traditional triathlons:
These are cool—get that cardio game up. But maybe you’re not into quite into ALL cardio.

On weight-lifting+body-weight work:
Here’s the twist on the traditional tri—add in some strength training and other forms of muscular endurance work such as high-repetition body-weight exercises.

On hurricane season:
If you’re a coastal-dweller (or more specifically, a surfer) you know all to well the power of a hurricane. This is the time of year to keep the conditioning in top condition.

This is one of many SHRED-ATHON workouts. Stay-tuned for more. 


In the gym:

Squat @ 135-lbs x 10 repetitions
superset with
Trapbar Deadlift @ 135-lbs x 10 repetitions
Complete 5 supersets. Rest as needed between supersets.

Push ups x 100
Pull ups x 50
Complete at your own pace


Run a 5K
Light-to-moderate pace

In the ocean, lake, pool:

1-mile swim
10-20 breathholds (as long as possible)
Rest 15-30 seconds between holds.

Anywhere outdoor or at-home:

Push ups x 200
Pull ups x 100
Complete at your own pace

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