Weighted Blankets Work—Today Only, Improve Sleep & Speed Recovery from Just $30

weighted blankets work

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Now that the holidays are over, it’s time for the real deals. Post-holiday sales mean even bigger savings! On all kinds of stuff. And right now at Woot, you can get this Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket—with two duvet covers—starting at just $30! Weighted blankets work, and this deal is good for today only. So jump on it now.

That’s right. The most popular sleep accessory since memory foam, weighted blankets are all the rage these days. They’re providing deeper, more relaxing sleep to people from all walks of life, resulting in better rest and faster recovery.

Thanks to Deep Pressure Stimulation, weighted blankets cover you in a natural, safe, relaxing cocoon. You sleep more soundly, giving your body and mind the rest they need to perform at their best.

And right now you can get them at Woot, starting at just $30 for a child-friendly, 5-pound blanket and going up to a man-sized 20-pounder that measures 60″ x 80″.

Deep Pressure Stimulation is a practical, simple solution to a fitful sleep. The heaviness of the weighted blanket stimulates calming chemicals in the brain, causing you to twitch less, feel secure, and ease your mind. The science is proven, and the results are real.

Weighted Blankets Work


weighted blankets work

Stress at work waking you up at night? A weighted blanket can help you relax. Tough workouts leaving your body sore, making it hard to get out of bed and get to the gym again? A weighted blanket promotes recovery by allowing the muscles and tissue to relax more deeply than ever. This speeds recovery and makes it easier to push your body to the limit the next time on the mat.

Kids having trouble getting to sleep, and staying quiet throughout the night? Try a small, 5-pound weighted blanket. Children will feel warm, safe, and protected. And that reassurance helps them stay cozy—and asleep—for hours on end. That means they sleep better and are less cranky throughout the day. And of course, if they’re soundly asleep at night, then so are you. Everybody wins!

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blankets use Nano-Ceramic Bead Technology. Ceramic beads are more durable than plastic beads. And they’re more comfortable than glass beads because they seamlessly blend for unified weight distribution. They are finer and denser than glass or plastic, too, meaning less bulk for the same weight.

Most weighted blankets use four to eight anchor points, so if you move at all during the night then all the weight gets bunched up on one side. Degrees of Comfort weighted blankets use a sturdy 10-point system to make sure the weight is even throughout the blanket, and through the night.

Best of all, Degrees of Comfort weighted blankets come with two washable Coolmax duvet covers. That means you never have to go a night without your weighted blanket.

weighted blankets work

So now that the holidays are over and you’ve given all your friends and loved ones the goods they desire most, why not treat yourself and your family to a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year?

Degrees of Comfort weighted blankets are on sale today only at Woot at amazing savings, from $30 and up. And Woot is an Amazon company, so you can use your Prime benefits to earn rewards and get free shipping.

Face it: Weighted blankets work. And even if you’re still skeptical, at this price you’ve gotta try it. Pull the trigger on this deal today, and you’ll sleep more soundly for years to come.

Get It: Pick up a Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket today only at Woot (from $30)



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