What Is the Best Holiday Workout Schedule?

The holiday season can be awfully tough on the body. Not is the food a killer, but your schedule can be just as unforgiving. Taking in the extra calories, coupled with a series of missed workouts and you’re 5 pounds heavier in a week. The best way to combat holiday weight gain: keep up with your fitness, no matter what. But, given the difficulty of scheduling, we’re designed a “holiday workout schedule” to simplify it all. The goal is to workout five days. Three days will be spent in the gym lifting weights and two days can be done from home. The lifting days are built around big, compound exercises and done with extremely low (or no) rest periods. This will have the body using massive amount of calories. The at-home workouts are quick bodyweight circuits designed to rev your metabolism without needing to get to the gym to do it. All five workout should take approximately 30 minutes.

For the complete day-by-day plan including video demonstrations and how to instructions, go to mensfitness.com/HolidaySchedule


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