What Is Fit Man on Campus?

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When Thirsty Thursdays are on your weekly agenda and 9 a.m. tailgates take the place of Saturday morning workouts, your college years aren’t always your fittest years. Still, some guys rise above the Freshman 15 and use the university experience to get in the best shape of their lives—and we set out to find them. Last semester, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines scoured campuses nationwide in search of the fittest college guy in America.

Thousands of men entered our competition, but after a round of eliminations based on an essay and video submission, 16 college students emerged as finalists. Throughout the Fall 2012 semester, these students competed for the title of Fit Man on Campus (FMOC) by submitting videos of themselves tackling various fitness challenges, sharing their best get-fit advice, and attaining votes through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. After four rounds of intense competition, only one man was left standing. You can read more about the winner, SUNY Brockport freshman Connor McJury, in the September 2012 issue of Men’s Fitness.

Wondering how you would have held up in the Fit Man on Campus competition? Check out the list of final challenges and watch for MF’s sophomore season of FMOC this fall.

> Do as many pull-ups as you can complete in 2 minutes
> Bench press your body weight as many times as you can
> Do 5 one-armed pull-ups
> Do 10 one-armed pushups with each arm, no rest between sets
> Do as many consecutive free throws as possible
> Do a 2-minute wall sit with 25 hammer curls (25 pound minimum)
> Do 50 squats with 50 pounds in one minute
> Do as many clap push-ups as you can in one minute
> Do 10 consecutive L-sit pull-ups
> Tell Us: What advice would you give somebody who is just beginning a fitness plan?
> Tell Us: What would it mean to you to be named the Fit Man on Campus?

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