What Happened When We Took Pro Skier Lexi DuPont Boxing

 Lexi DuPont

Pro big-mountain skier and Eddie Bauer athlete Lexi DuPont is used to the physical demands of a hard workout. What else could you expect from someone who summits mountains just to ski some of the gnarliest, steepest lines out there? And while skiing is a single-season sport, DuPont trains year-round to conquer all of her winter expeditions.

DuPont usually relies on a combination of CrossFit, surfing, and rock climbing for off-season fitness. “I love CrossFit because it is a strict routine with goals I can track,” Dupont says. “Surfing has become my new obsession — the ocean really makes me feel grounded and in tune with my body and mind, and rock climbing has helped my skiing because I've gotten more comfortable with exposure, and it involves a lot of thought, analysis, and self-talk.”

But boxing, one of the latest big trends in fitness, shares a lot of similarities with each of DuPont’s go-to workouts: an emphasis on total-body strength, movement, rhythm, precision, and focus. On a recent visit to New York City, we challenged her to a boxing session at DogPound NYC to see how the workout stacks up for a pro skier.

DuPont’s verdict after spending an hour in the ring? “Boxing is a combination of all the things I look for when I train,” she says. “It engaged my mind and helped release aggression while building strength. The agility and balance required for boxing aligns well with skiing, and it’s definitely a confidence-boosting workout.”

Here’s a modified version of the workout to try — or you can follow along with this video:


two minutes jump rope

30 seconds neck roll, clockwise and counterclockwise

two minutes jump rope

30 seconds arm circles, clockwise and counterclockwise

two minutes jump rope

Deep squat stretch

Calf stretch, each leg

30 seconds ankle rolls, each leg

Dirty Thirty:

Perform each move for 30 seconds, repeat three times

Squat jumps

Mountain climbers

Burpees (full push-up to tuck jump)

Shadow Boxing and Strength:

Jab x 50

Squat jump x 10

Cross x 50

Push-up x 10

Hook left x 50

Burpee x 10

Hook Right x 50

30-second plank

Alternate uppercut x 100

Sit-up x 50