Week in Review 5/30: What You Might Have Missed

Stacked beef

You may not be able to spend all day scrolling through your Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you are, you probably should be doing some work. But either way, you shouldn’t have to miss out. So we’re going to make your life a little easier. Each week, we’ll pull together some of the best, most-engaging, can’t-miss content from MensFitness.com—everything from training to nutrition to style—and give you a chance to play catch-up.


The Best Barbell-Only Shoulder Workout>>>

Incorporate this two-move Olympic lifting routine into your schedule and build broad, powerful shoulders. 

Cardio First or Last?>>>

A recent study examines when it’s best to slot in cardio during your workout. Did the result surprise you?

The Number-One Fat-Loss Workout>>>

Melt away your gut with this high-octane full-body circuit that pairs noncompeting exercises to maximize your effort using mostly bodyweight moves.



The No-Bull Guide to Bulking>>>

So many bulkers make the fatal mistake of eating too much and too often. Follow this BS-free plan that tells you what to eat, when, and how. And it’s not nearly as much as you think. 

Does Diet Soda Work for Weight Loss?>>>

A new study disputes the claim that diet sodas actually make you fat. Are you a believer?

By the Numbers: The $54 Starbucks Drink>>>

And you thought your order was pricey. We examined the nutrition facts behind the most expensive Starbucks drink ever. 

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