What Your Christmas Tree Says About You


You probably didn’t think that the décor of your Christmas tree could be a deal-breaker. It probably won’t be, but then again, cries for help come in plenty of shapes and sizes.

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The Late Bloomer

If Your Tree Is: Still not up on Christmas Eve when your girlfriend comes over…

You’reSo screwed.

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The Hopeless Romantic

If Your Tree Is: Still up on Valentine’s Day…

You’re: Not getting any.

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The Authentic Artisan

If Your Tree Is: Proudly Charlie Brown-esque…

You’re: Not as hipster as you think.

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The Loner Type

If Your Tree Is: Artificial, so it won’t shed needles or need water…

You’re: Better off not having kids.

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The East Rutherfordian

If Your Tree Is: Adorned with more than one Giants ornament…

You’re: Never going to get married. (But hey, there are female Giants fans around!)

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The Tropicana

If Your Tree Is: A palm

You’re: Bound to end up on @_FloridaMan.


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