What’s the Best Workout for Jet Lag?

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What’s the best workout for jet lag?
—James S., New York, NY

According to Will Owen, creator of the website Travel Strong, the best workout to help fight jet lag is the one you’re already doing at home—you just need to pay attention to when you do it, to make sure your internal body clock syncs with the new time zone. “If you live in L.A. and regularly exercise at 10 a.m., then take a trip to New York,” Owen explains, “Exercising at 10 a.m. New York time, at your usual intensity, is your best bet.” It helps your body adjust to the new time zone and sets you up to make the most of your trip. It may feel weird to head out on your a.m. jog when your body thinks it’s the middle of the night, but trust us, you’ll be better off. 

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