What’s the Minimum Amount of Exercise I Can Do and Still See Results?


What year did you graduate from the University of Underachievement? Seriously, “the minimum”—that’s what you want to know? As my friend Zach Even-Esh, from the Underground Strength Gym, says, the way you do anything is the way you do everything. Think about that: If you look for the minimum you have to do, you’ll get the minimum out of it. And that’s across the board—you’ll always leave something on the table and never reach your full potential.

So, fine: If you follow the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services’ recommendation to get at least 150 minutes of moderate (or 75 minutes of vigorous) aerobic activity a week, and pair that with a decent diet and adequate sleep, you won’t become morbidly obese. Or you can aim for 45 to 90 minutes a day, five to six days a week, with workouts that combine multijoint strength moves and high-intensity intervals (plus some steadystate cardio before or after), and eat clean food, drink lots of water, and shoot for eight hours of sleep a night, and see what those results look like. Your life, your choice!

Gunnar Peterson is a celebrity trainer. Follow him on Twitter.

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