When to Use Dry Shampoo


Having crept onto shelves in recent years, dry shampoo is a trending hair care product that’s actually worth a second look. Usually sold as a powder or gritty cream, dry shampoo absorbs oil like a sponge and is the perfect product for a midday spruce up. The product is best for people with naturally oily hair, but it also can act as an on-the-go shower, absorbing oils and doing away with the greasy shine that comes when you’ve skipped the wash routine for a few days. To be clear, dry shampoos are not a replacement for the real thing – showering washes oil and dirt off your head.

For men with medium to long hair, dry shampoo can also work like pomade. The effect of dry shampoo on clean hair is nearly the same as not washing your hair after a day in the surf — dry and voluminous, with just a bit of hold. 

Formulations, delivery, and scents vary by brand. Drugstore choices like Baptiste ($6.29 for 6.71 ounces) and Psssst ($3.39 for 1.75 ounces) have a fairly neutral smell – like talc – and get the job done. The ingredient lists are packed with chemicals, however, so anyone with a sensitive scalp should proceed with caution. 

Two all-natural (and slightly more expensive) dry shampoo brands we recommend are Hanz de Fuko’s quicksand ($17.50 for 2 ounces) and Alder New York ($30 for 4 ounces). Quicksand is technically not a dry shampoo – it isn’t a powder and has more hold – but it works like one. Alder makes a line of all-natural dry shampoos using rice powder, kaolin clay, organic horsetail powder (a type of herb), and essential oils. The scents are a little more on par with cologne; think bergamot, juniper, eucalyptus, and patchouli, and they’re easier to put on – just sprinkle.

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