Where the Fittest People in America Live in 2016

Where the Fittest People in America Live in 2016

While the United States has gotten a bad rap over the years for rising obesity rates and meek excercise levels, the Physical Activity Council’s annual study is showing a promising new trend: Participation in fitness and recreational activities is on the rise.

Figures ballooned from 209.3 million to 212.6 million from 2014 to 2015, so naturally people wanted to know in which cities people are whipping themselves into shape to earn the coveted title: fittest.

Based on combined data from over 10 million Fitbit users in 2015, the average number of steps, calories burned, active minutes, resting heart rate, and quality of sleep was collected to determine the fittest cities in America. All the cities below have residents or visitors with top levels of activity in their everyday life.

The top 20 fittest cities in America, in order, are as follows:
1. Madison, WI
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. Spokane, WA
4. Boston, MA
5. Portland, OR
6. Grand Rapids, MI
7. Lincoln, NE
8. San Francisco, CA
9. Seattle, WA
10. Washington DC
11. Sioux Falls, SD
12. Milwaukee, WI
13. Chicago, IL
14. Denver, CO
15. Des Moines, IA
16. Philadelphia, PA
17. New York, NY 
18. Omaha, NE
19. Pittsburgh, PA
20. Boise, ID

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