Which of These Four Personality Types Are You?

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Everyone likes to think that their individual personality is unique, but science has proven that we may not be so different from one another after all. 

A recent study published in the journal Science Advances has determined that 90 percent of all individuals can be classified into one of only four major personality types. Led by researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the study utilized elements of game theory (a branch of mathematics that examines social dilemmas and human decision-making) and analyzed the responses of over 541 volunteers to a variety of social dilemmas, with options leading to either cooperation or conflict with others. Using a computer algorithm, researchers were able to group the majority of the individuals into one of the following personality types:  


With 30% of participants falling under this category, envious is the most common personality type. Individuals classified as “envious” are less concerned with their own achievements, so long as they are receiving better payoff than their opponents.


Comprising 20% of the study population, these subjects believe that they and their partner will make the decision that will result in the best outcome for the both of them. 


The study found that 21% of the subjects to be “pessimistic,” meaning that they made the decision that would ensure the best worst-case scenario.


Making up 17% of the group, individuals who were deemed “trusting” were always willing to cooperate and not very concerned with winning or losing.

Only 10% of the subjects were not able to be categorized using the algorithm and these individuals operated in a seemingly random manner, with little insight into their motivations. Think you can guess which category you fall under? If not, check out the personality trait women find most desirable in men. Hint: you’re probably not going to want to be classified as the “envious” type.

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