Why 1000s of Trainers and Nutritionists Are Building Their Own Supplement Lines


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Physical trainers, fitness influencers, nutritionists, dieticians all spend a lot of time consulting clients and followers on supplements – how they can enhance your diet, what ones to take, and which brands to choose.

But there’s a new trend afoot. These professionals are increasingly choosing to release their own supplement product lines, often using Supliful to do so.

After all, why not? Why promote others for free or settle for a measly commission, when you yourself can provide your clients and other people with the high-quality supplements they’re looking for? Especially, if it allows you to build your own brand, keep the lion’s share of the profits, and takes very little time to get started.

Isn’t it super expensive to launch my own product?

It used to be.

Previously, launching your own private label supplement line was a privilege reserved for those with the funds and time to invest in developing a product, sourcing it, hiring employees, warehousing stock, and distributing it.

Today, the on-demand supplement fulfilling and dropshipping solution Supliful has flipped the script. Virtually anyone can launch their own custom-designed supplement product line in a couple of hours – no minimums, no warehouses, no sourcing, no employees. Supliful takes care of it all.


How does it work and what do I have to do?

Supliful is an online platform that features a growing catalog of 100+ FDA-compliant white label supplement products from various types of protein powder to all sorts of superfoods and everything in between.

All you need to do is sign-up, choose the products you’d like to sell, customize the label on the packaging, and connect Supliful to a Shopify store. Then, every time an order comes in, Supliful automatically processes it, packages the product, and sends it to the customer without any hands-on involvement from your side.

Once you’ve decided what products you want to sell, you can customize the look of the bottles. You can do this on your own, putting a personal spin on it or you can hire the in-house Supliful designer to make the labels for you. Either way, you will get a brand of supplements that looks just the way you want it to. You can even order samples to see if the quality is up to par (hint: it is).

For each product you sell, Supliful retains the production costs. So if you don’t sell any, then you don’t have to pay anything. Accordingly, any markup you add on top of the base costs goes straight into your pocket – all the profit is yours.

More than just extra income

Using Supliful is perfect for anybody looking to supplement their income with an additional revenue stream. Of course, the sky’s the limit – if you put in the work, you can easily grow your business into a full-time project and Supliful will scale with you.

There are plenty of great products to choose from, the setup is easy as can be, and the bulk of the hard work is done reliably and silently in the background by Supliful. It costs nothing to get started, so give it a shot and build a supplement brand that people will trust – yours.

Let’s get started!

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