Why Celebrity and Athlete Trainer Dr. Patrick Khaziran Uses Hemp Hydrate to Fuel Recovery

Hemp Hydrate / Dr. Patrick Khaziran
Hemp Hydrate

Over his lengthy career working with athletes and celebrities, Dr. Patrick Khaziran has learned quite a few things about the importance of recovery when it comes to working out and training.

Since starting his practice in Los Angeles, Sports Rehab LA, Khaziran has treated all kinds of high-profile clients, including NFL players like Odell Beckham Jr., and Julio Jones, NBA stars like Ben Simmons and Tristan Thompson, as well as celebrities like Kevin Hart and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. From working with those clients and the rest of the people that get treated at his facility, Khaziran has seen trends and shifts happen, with more clients looking for natural solutions to recovery and health problems.

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“What I’ve noticed in sports medicine, there’s been a homeopathic shift in the last few years,” Khaziran says. “People would rather use a product that’s natural instead of something else that isn’t. Now, they are finding out that Advil and other pain relievers have certain side effects, so taking CBD, or something 100-percent homeopathic can give the same benefits without the side effects. It’s a new wave, people are more conscious, people are more aware.”

At the Sports Rehab LA facility, Khaziran and his team offer a wide range of specialty techniques and recovery services for clients, including physical therapy treatment, cryotherapy, injury risk assessments, massage therapy, as well as injury risk assessments, NormaTec compression, and kinesiotherapy. One of the key parts of the recovery process for Khaziran and his team is making sure his clients are hydrating the right way, and at the facility, they use Hemp Hydrate to fuel recovery for their athletes.

Hemp Hydrate
Hemp Hydrate

“My philosophy at Sports Rehab LA here is to be trailblazers in the physical therapy and sports science space,” Khaziran says. “Today, CBD and hemp products are new wave of natural anti-inflammatory ways to recover. Having the water infused with CBD and be able to get benefits and not be worried about any of the usual side effects, it aligned with what we do and why we wanted to use Hemp Hydrate at the facility. What gave me full peace of mind for my clients, is earlier this year, the World Olympic Committee made CBD cleared for use for Olympic athletes. They have highest standard, so that gave me peace of mind, and that’s part of why I tell my clients to take it or drink it for what they do.”

Hemp Hydrate is made with hemp extract and can help people with all kinds of things related to recovery, including with soreness and fatigue. As part of the process of combining the hemp and water, the company first isolates the hemp extract and removes the oil and waxes from it. Then, the hemp molecules are shrunken and wrapped in layers of water before being put through an infusion process that finishes as the final product. Hemp Hydrate has become a key part of what Khaziran’s team uses for helping their clients.

Hemp Hydrate
Hemp Hydrate

“The three things I hear most from my clients who use it is that it helps with general muscle soreness, decreases joint pain, and people say they feel better overall when they drink the water,” Khaziran says. “The difference between just drinking regular water and Hemp Hydrate is that you’re getting the double effect of hydration, along with getting anti-inflammatory and cellular repair. It’s like double-dipping for your recovery.”

Along with Hemp Hydrate, the company is also coming out with a new pain relief roll-on, which is launching in stores later this month. That’s another thing that Khaziran has looked at to use as part of the recovery and rehab process for his clients.

“Now with CBD creams and roll-ons, people can use it if problem areas they have and are sore in certain areas,” Khaziran says. “They can rub in on the spot and specifically target where the pain is, and it can help take inflammation and pain away. It’s localized and a spot treatment, same as water, it has no side effects. A Few years ago, if someone woke up sore, they’d take Advil, now you can drink Hemp Hydrate and use creams, and you can still reap the benefits of helping your muscle soreness and not worry about the side effects.

Generally, Khaziran has a number of tips he gives his athletes and clients to help with recovery and soreness, and he recommends using Hemp Hydrate to help fuel that recovery.

“A few pointers that we give pro athletes is that one, make sure you’re sleeping eight hours a night,” Khaziran says. “Two, we always talk about foam rolling and stretching, that should be a lifestyle thing, people should do it every night and not just when you work out. Do it before you sleep and when you wake up. You can’t just stretch on your leg day, it’s best to incorporate it in your daily routine. And three, hydrating is huge for muscle pliability and muscle repair, and adding Hemp Hydrate to that just enhances that process for you.”

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