Why Christian Serratos From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Actually Looking Forward to Her Inevitable Death Scene

Christian Serratos
Vivien Killilea / Stringer / Getty

Even when covered with postapocalyptic grime and zombie entrails, the sultry Christian Serratos is still one of the hottest women on TV. But that doesn’t mean the 26-year-old star from AMC’s The Walking Dead welcomes all the attention she gets from walker stalkers (aka fans).

“I can be cranky,” she admits. “I’m also very introverted and shy. So I have to remember to not be so beastly all the time. I’m learning from these fans to push myself outside my comfort zone—to be more personable.”

Being beastly is a professional asset portraying Rosita Espinosa on TWD: a scrappy outbreak survivor with a couple of failed relationships, badass combat skills, and a rising body count to her credit. But the former figure skater—who put her Olympic ambitions on hold to play Kristen Stewart’s BFF in the multibillion-dollar-grossing Twilight franchise—has made peace with her zombie antagonists.

“I know that at some point my character is going to die,” she says. “When it comes, it’s going to be great!”

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