Why Distance Runners Are More Masculine and Attractive to Women

Main endurance runners are more masculine and attractive to women

Research proved 5 Ways Your Fingers Reveal The Type of Man You Are and now you can add one (well, two) more to that list.

Previous studies found that men exposed to more prenatal testosterone have longer ring fingers (4th digit) in comparison to their index finger (2nd digit). Turns out, this masculine digit ratio is common for men who run marathons; so is a higher sex drive and sperm count, according to new research from the University of Cambridge. 

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The researchers analyzed 543 runners (439 men; 103 women), photocopying their hands and recording run times at the end of a half marathon. The ten percent of men with the most masculine digit ratios ran, on average, 24 minutes and 33 seconds faster than the 10 percent of men with the least masculine digit ratios. 

The correlation was also found in women (the top 10 percent ran 11 minutes and 59 seconds faster than the bottom 10 percent), but the phenomenon was much more pronounced in men, suggesting a stronger evolutionary selection for running ability.  

Distance running makes men more attractive to women because, in hunter-gatherer times, endurance was a desired trait, the researchers explain. And it doesn’t hurt that the masculine digit ratio points to a higher reproductive potential and stronger libido. 

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