How to Master Split-Stance Box Jumps

Split stance box jump
Justin Steele for Men's Journal

AMONG PLYOMETRIC moves, box jumps are a favorite. They build explosive power, cardio capacity, and balance. Runners can get even more out of the move with a second box.

“Split-­stance box jumps came from exploring sprinting mechanics,” says Ash­ton Roberts, founder of AR Performance Training in Pasadena, CA. They re­create and isolate the push off and landing that happens during running, giving you a bet­ter understanding of how your legs track during the entire running motion—what’s called proprioception. On top of that, it’s a solid move. The jump relies on glutes and hips, and the landing is all quads.

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Before using boxes, practice the move on the floor. Squat, then explode up, landing in a split stance. Next, add a 6-­inch box in front of you, front foot landing on that, back foot on the floor. Finally, try the version seen here. Set up 2 boxes, a 20­-inch and a 12-­inch, 2 feet apart. Stand between them. Squat, then explode up, landing on the boxes in a split position, one foot on each box. Most of your weight is in the front foot, on the high box, while the back foot acts to balance you. Try for 2 or 3 sets of 6 to 10 jumps each side.

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