Why Finger Size Matters

Mj 618_348_why finger size matters
Michael Pirrocco

Is your ring finger noticeably longer than your index? If so, there’s a greater likelihood of having a high IQ, a lowered risk of heart attack, more success as a financial trader, athletic ability, and, hey, a longer penis to boot. (Did we mention a higher risk of prostate cancer as well – there had to be a down side.) Scientists call it digit ratio, and a definitive new study from the University of Florida confirms that the longer your ring finger is, the more testosterone you were probably exposed to in the womb.

“There has been a mountain of corollary evidence linking digit ratio to sexual differences,” says study co-author Martin Cohn. “It’s becoming increasingly clear that some adult traits and diseases can be traced to hormonal disruptions in the womb.” According to John T. Manning, who identified the link between finger length and prenatal hormones, the ratio best predicts athletic talent. Still, “Perfectly normal males with perfectly normal testosterone can have longer index fingers,” says Cohn.

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