Why High-Potency CBD Doesn’t Have to Cost More

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You may already be familiar with CBD products or even tried them out for a while. From the baseline broad spectrum to the power-packed full spectrum versions of CBD, dosage affects your experience—physically and financially. With new high-strength CBD products now available, your dosage is made all the more simple.

If CBD products failed you in the past, you were likely taking something too weak and/or fumbling with a complicated dosage, making your CBD experience cumbersome. You gave up too soon and never got to your CBD sweet spot (for your body and your wallet).

The good news is that switching to the new high-potency versions of CBD doesn’t have to break the bank, and it simplifies your CBD regimen, keeping your body pumped with supportive CBD. In fact, you could save money in the long run while increasing your CBD benefits, like body-boosting sleep, all-day calm, top-performance cognition, and post-workout recovery.

High-Potency CBD Simplifies Your CBD Dosage

When you take CBD, a portion of the cannabinoids gets lost in digestion. Because of this, you need to flush your endocannabinoid system with the cannabinoids it needs, and then some. When it comes to CBD strength, more is usually better. But this doesn’t always mean ramping up your CBD dosage (the amount of CBD you take each morning and night).

If you’ve found yourself taking more and more CBD each time trying to increase the benefits—like improved sleep, a sense of calm throughout the day, or enhanced muscle recovery after a hard workout at the gym—then it’s likely you need an adjustment to the strength of CBD you’re taking.

If you’re taking broad-spectrum CBD and need improved benefits, moving to a full-spectrum product, which has the added boost of THC in it, may help. If you’re already taking full-spectrum CBD products and find yourself upping your dosage to improve the benefits, then switching to high-potency CBD can not only improve your CBD experience, but likely simplify your CBD dosage and give your wallet some relief. Why? Because high-strength full spectrum CBD products are the stronger, more effective, and more economical solution.

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Let’s say you’re taking a full serving of a 1000 mg CBD full-spectrum formula. If it’s falling short, or feeling like it’s not enough, you increase the dosage. While this seems to help, you start burning through your CBD bottles more quickly and have to buy them more often—increasing the impact to your wallet at the same time.

A better option would be to move to a higher strength CBD and stay on a regular dose.

You can start with the high-strength tinctures, which give you the ability to adjust your CBD dosage until you get it perfect, then if there’s an equal strength high-strength softgel available, you can switch to that for super-simplified CBD dosing—a quick, easy-to-swallow softgel with no measuring.

And new high-strength CBD is not nearly as expensive as you might think, while greatly improving your CBD experience. Some high-potency full spectrum CBD options are only a few dollars more than your regular-strength CBD.

High-Strength CBD Dosage

A higher CBD strength means for each once- or twice-daily CBD dose you take, you’ll get more cannabinoids in that dose, likely reducing the need to take larger and larger doses of a lesser strength formula.

Using a 1000 mg to 3000 mg strength gives you some bulk pricing, but the greatest value in bulk pricing is the higher CBD strength of 6000 mg. You could potentially save a lot more money by going with the higher strength, even if you take a smaller CBD dosage each day. You get all those wonderful benefits but take advantage of the bulk pricing at the higher strength.

Plus, you have a lot more wiggle room in your CBD serving size. If you start off at the highest strength CBD and begin with a half-serving, for example, you have some room to increase the amounts each day until you reach the optimal amount. Perhaps this is just shy of a regular serving. Perhaps it’s a half-serving. Maybe it’s more. Whatever the case, you save money.

This gives you a lot more control over your CBD experience, plus some savings that can add up to be quite substantial over time.

How Is This So Easy?

The process of manufacturing higher-strength CBD products isn’t really all that different from lower-strength ones.

So the savings then, should go to you, the consumer. We think keeping your CBD dosage simple while providing the highest-quality, most cost-efficient product possible is best to give you that long-term CBD experience. You only get one life. Handle it with CBD.

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