Why Men Are Turning To GroMD To Prevent Hair Loss: The Results Speak For Themselves

Prevent Hair Loss

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Aging happens to the best of us. In fact, it happens to all of us, and by the age of 45, almost 50% of men experience hair loss from aging.

As men grow older, hair loss percentages rise—it’s simply a fact of life and a fact that no man should hide from. But for years, men have tried to hide their hair loss…why? The truth is that hair loss ‘solutions’ on the market were never real solutions to begin with and many men experiencing hair loss felt embarrassed that their hair wasn’t growing back.

Hair loss is real and is nothing to be embarrassed about because now, a real life-changing solution has blown up on the market!

With GroMD, hair loss isn’t a problem anymore—it’s actually the only doctor-developed hair loss prevention spray, shampoo, and conditioner that has all kinds of men with hair loss surprised at its fast results.

As a world-renowned hair restoration surgeon and board-certified physician, Dr. Amir Yazdan has dedicated his life’s work to treating male pattern baldness. He found, however, that not everyone needs surgical treatment to resolve their hair loss process.

Instead, Yazdan spent years creating GroMD, an alternate route to regrowing hair that has finally set a new standard to how hair loss can be treated through daily-use products that produce visible results.

This is the hair loss prevention product that is erupting on the market, and this is why men are turning to GroMD to prevent hair loss: the results speak for themselves.

Hair loss isn’t an option anymore—find out how it doesn’t have to be with GroMD.


It’s Only A Matter Of Time Until A Man’s Hair Thins And Eventually Stops Growing


Did you know the hair growth cycle of every man has three vital phases?

Hair loss happens when one of these cycles is disrupted by a hormone called DHT. DHT is a hormone that shortens the first phase of a man’s hair growth cycle by acting on and negatively affecting his testosterone levels.

When the first phase is stalled by DHT, there’s only a matter of time until a man’s hair thins from lack of growth and eventually stops growing.

With this knowledge and years of testing, Dr. Amir Yazdan created GroMD’s first Growth Shampoo & Conditioner to regenerate hair growth and prevent hair loss!

The Growth Shampoo & Conditioner is a sulfate and paraben-free formula made of a blend of DHT blockers that reduce hair loss.


Create A Healthy Scalp Foundation For Future Hair Growth!


The DHT blockers are created from patented and researched ingredients, including Capixyl™, HairGenyl™, Stinging Nettle, Licorice Root Extract, and other ingredients made to increase the thickness of a man’s hair! These revolutionary ingredients also diminish hair thinning and shedding without the addition of harsh chemicals.

The GroMD Shampoo & Conditioner is also created with caffeine and menthol to stimulate dormant follicles and bring any man’s hair back to life. These ingredients are beneficial to every man who is looking to increase follicular penetration and improve where hair can resurface and grow regularly on his scalp.

Ingredients like Argan Oil and Biotin are added to protect the scalp and create a healthy scalp foundation for future hair growth. Argan Oil acts as a conditioning treatment and naturally combats scalp dryness to increase the health of existing hair for a fuller and richer look.

For best results, GroMD Shampoo & Conditioner needs to be applied to wet hair every day, left to absorb deeply for three minutes, and then rinsed!

Using the GroMD Shampoo & Conditioner is a simple process that leads to complex results that can completely change how any man looks in the mirror.


The Follicle Activator Spray Is A Simple And Important Addition To Every Man’s Hair Loss Prevention Routine


Dr. Yazdan didn’t stop there. He created a daily-use Follicle Activator Spray that works on hair loss too!

For this leave-in follicle spray, Yazdan included DHT blockers, copper peptides, caffeine, and Niacinamide. Each ingredient Yazdan chose for this formula is highly researched, tested, and included with a purpose.

Like the Shampoo & Conditioner, DHT blockers and caffeine are added to increase hair thickness and stimulate hair follicle growth. The copper peptides and Niacinamide are added to improve hair circulation by delivering vital nutrients to hair stems and fight against inflammation in the scalp.

Through countless tests, copper peptides have been specifically found to be as efficient as Minoxidil and can therefore accompany Minoxidil or be used independently.

With a non-greasy and non-oily formula, the Follicle Activator Spray is a simple and important addition to every man’s hair loss prevention routine.

See how this spray can change the way you feel about your hair today!

Prevent Hair Loss

These Products Are Working The Entire Day To Get Every Man’s Hair Growth Back On Track!


The Follicle Activator Spray and Shampoo & Conditioner by GroMD have completely shifted the results men expect from their hair loss prevention products.

Men now have the choice to grow their hair back with GroMD. Yazdan spent years on his studies and research so that today, men can have results all over the world.

In fact, GroMD produces more than results. This company started a hair growth revolution that forever changed the future of men’s hair loss problems!

Men using GroMD products have not only noticed significantly faster hair growth and less hair shedding, but also healthier and thicker hair that is not going anywhere.

By waking up dormant hair follicles with the spray and blocking DHT with the Shampoo & Conditioner formula, these products are working the entire day to get every man’s hair growth back on track!

Goodbye, weak hairs, and hello, strong hair follicles—the difference is visible with GroMD.


With Fast And Visible Improvements In Only Four To Eight Weeks, GroMD Delivers On Real Differences


Thanks to Dr. Yazdan, the results are real, and the customer testimonials are honest. Countless men have shared their stories on hair loss and how GroMD has completely changed their attitude on how quickly hair can grow back!

Men using GroMD are no longer waiting for their hair to grow back; it’s easy to see that Dr. Yazdan created the only products on the market with real solutions to hair loss—the results are actually visible.

With fast and visible improvements in only four to eight weeks, GroMD delivers on real differences.

There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a solution to a lifelong problem—GroMD delivers on that kind of satisfaction.

It’s no coincidence that real people with real results are raving with stories about GroMD products.

To those who aren’t convinced, when scientific research is backing a product, it’s all in the facts. There’s nothing to hide anymore—literally!


Thanks To GroMD And Dr. Amir Yazdans Research, There’s No Questions That Hair Regrowth Is Possible


Hair loss is always going to be a part of aging, but now, legitimate hair regrowth products are out there. Thanks to GroMD and Dr. Yazdan’s research, there’s no question that hair regrowth is possible.

It’s time for every man to reap the benefits.

Men have been told time and time again that whatever hair falls out of their head is probably not going to come back. With GroMD’s hair loss prevention products, the resurfacing and restrengthening of hair follicles is alive and well.

GroMD’s formulas change the hair cycle phases by increasing the growth phase and reducing the resting phase so that every man has a chance for their hair to grow again, and grow fast!


The Realities Of Aging Should Not Stand In Any Man’s Way Of A Healthy Head Of Hair


Hair loss, hair thinning, and hair shedding are inevitable for many men, but GroMD believes the realities of aging should not stand in any man’s way of a healthy head of hair. If we can create cars that can drive themselves, enough is enough—hair loss should not be a problem for anyone. Every man deserves to give their hair growth routine an upgrade with GroMD.

GroMD is here to make faster-growing, thicker, and stronger hair a reality by preserving existing hair follicles and creating new ones! GroMD is also here to remind every man that hair loss is nothing to be ashamed of—it’s common to lose hair, and now, it’s finally common to regrow hair again. It’s no wonder men are noticing a difference worldwide with GroMD. This company’s scientific solutions are based on fact, not chance.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to handle aging hair, and with GroMD, it’s not!

The GroMD Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner and the Follicle Activator Spray are here to save the day—every day. There is now a choice for men to change the inevitable. With GroMD their hair is not going anywhere, except back on their head


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