Skip the 45-minute Workout. You’ll Gain Just as Much Muscle With a 20-minute HIIT Session

The Best Strength Workout for Mountain Bikers
James Michelfelder

Ever feel like your lifting routine has too much downtime? It does. A study from the American Council on Exercise finds that a 20-minute high-intensity interval-style strength workout (HIIT) done three times a week builds the same amount of muscle as a slower, 45-minute session. If you do multi-joint exercises, which work several muscle groups at once (like chest presses and leg extensions) you’ll see gains after three weeks, says Cedric X. Bryant, chief science officer at ACE.

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That’s significant, since three weeks out is often when exercisers get discouraged and quit a new routine. To judge strength improvements, researchers tracked participants’ one- and five-rep max for eight exercises—something you can do outside the lab. How do you know when you’ve surpassed your one-rep max? If you can do two reps at that weight in two consecutive workouts, add additional weight plates.

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