Why We Tried Focus T25

Why We Tried Focus T25

We get tons of products in our office, and it’s virtually impossible to review and test all of them, especially to give them a solid shot and assessment. But sometimes things just line up perfectly, and in this case, it’s with Focus T25 by Shaun T, the developer of the Insanity series.

We’re busy. Hell, everyone’s busy. So when one of our GMs asked about Shaun T and if there was a great exercise program that he could do right after work in as little amount of time of possible, we tossed him a DVD set. Here’s the report we got back after he strictly followed the program for seven days.

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Q1: There are so many programs out there and you mentioned Shaun T. Why?
I did the originally Insanity on and off for two years. Now, the only time I have to work out is the 30 minutes after I put the kids to bed and before dinner. Twenty-five minutes of nonstop Shaun T is the ultimate endorphin rush.

Q2: What made you go with an at-home DVD series vs. hitting the gym or grabbing a trainer?
Don’t have time to get to the gym and don’t have the money for the trainer? Now, I can work out in the privacy of my home and all I have to do when I’m done is wipe the tons of sweat off the floor and hop in the shower.

Q3: What kind of expectations did you have before even opening the box and starting?
That I would sweat my ass off and get in kick-ass shape.

Q4: How did you feel after the first workout? How about the first week?
Very tired. And really good. I was proud of myself because I was able to get through the workout and dreading the next day when I wouldn’t be able to move my legs.

Q5: What are the workouts like?
Nonstop movement for 25 minutes straight with the feeling of major accomplishment every single time.

Q6: Are you noticing anything changing with your body?
Yes. My legs are much stronger and I feel like I’m standing taller. Plus, my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

Q7: Anything else you can say about T25?
I have a really hard time taking off my clothes after I work out because they are soaked with sweat.

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